Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Please Remain Behind the Caution Tape

Hello everyone!

Sorry for taking so long between posts, things have been really busy these last few weeks. I have a six month old that is keeping on my toes from the time I get home to about bedtime. I usually have just enough energy to check my e-mail for the day before my eyelids start going south :)!

Well, we have moved outside the wall in the NW corner of the property. We elected to moves there to remain relatively close to the area we just finished, to continue investigating that corner. We moved outside the wall because the original wall ran right up to the sidewalk. We are still waiting for the geophysical equipment to arrive from England so we were unable to do the geophysical portion of the survey outside the wall. The area between the wall and the sidewalk is 14ft, so I figured that was a small enough area to sacrifice. Once units are begun, we are unable to use the geophysical equipment due to the disturbance we are creating by digging.

We simply extended the area inside the wall to make sure the entire corner was covered. We lied in 6 units, which had to be offset by about 6ft from the actual 40ft interval. This is because if we had done 40ft, we would have been trying to dig up sidewalk. So far we have half of these units completed and have a lot to talk about. However, I will save that for another posting...so stay tuned!

On a side note we were featured on the local news last Friday. News 19 came out to our Field Friday and caught the kids getting dirty. To view the video visit Historic Columbia Foundation's website at historiccolumbia.org.

Unitl next time!
Helena Ferguson

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